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My name is Gala... by DamarikLaizare My name is Gala... by DamarikLaizare
A portrait piece, done more of a profile style. I've gone for more realism in this pic than anything, though this is about as 'REAL' as my artwork gets. I could never do true profile or portrait art. Maybe I should just go into Carichatures.

Anyway, this is a picture of Gala reminiscing his time spent at the monestary. This picture is a piece meant to inspire feeling and emotion amongst those who seek themselves.

"Noa: Master Teacher is a funny name.
Gala: It's not a name, it's a title.
Noa: So then what's your real name?
Gala: Since you are not monks of Biron and need not call me by Master Teacher, I shall tell you.
My name is.....Gala."
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rose-star Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
I don't know why I hadn't favorited this already! >.o

I love this piece, Gala looks so pretty. ;-; I love the realism, too... in fact, I like so much about this picture that if I decided to say all of it, it'd probably take about an hour to read through. :XD:

This is awesome. :+favlove:
DamarikLaizare Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Well then, next time I catch you on messenger, tell me about it. XD I'd love to hear more.
DamarikLaizare Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I made him look too girly. And I got his nose wrong. >>; But I will not change it. Other than that, it would have been good enough for me.
UyoniRaze Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2005   Writer
i like it. it goes torward the asian culture. Very realistic. It is very good!
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